Alluvial Diamond dredgers

Underground mining inflatable barriers,  to manage and control underground mine ventilation

Stone pushing air bag for marble sandstone quarry

Stope vent control

Explosives drill hole plugs – open cast mining

1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - Solution 1 rafts
Carel Scheepers  - IMGP9627
Carel Scheepers  - Bench throwing operation
Carel Scheepers  - 20150622_175700
Carel Scheepers  - Beach boating roller for large commercial fishing boats (6)

2. Description

Extra heavy duty pontoons can be transported to remote & inaccessible diamond claims in Africa. Barges are inflated & assembled on site

Certified Mine Passage Fire Fighting Air flow plug

Inflatable plugs for holes drilled for explosive emulsion in open cast mining. The inflatable armoured plugs, prevent gravel debris from falling into the drilled hole – 100 cycle use


25kg sand filled Load testing bags

Low Pressure CO² storage bladders

Drain run-off inflatable armoured  pipe plugs

Solid Pipe plugs from closed cell high density foam

Biogas Methane containment bladders

1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - 20170303_142730
Carel Scheepers  - 20170217_103309
Carel Scheepers  - Gepantser met kompressor coupling
Carel Scheepers  - 15x plugs
Carel Scheepers  - 103 Industrial low pressure CO² tank

2. Description

Load test bags are manufactured from durable PVC & carefully filled to a weight of 25.0 kg for load testing purposes (example: testing & calibrating a high rise apartment passenger lift

Industrial pg.2

Marine salvage air lifting bags

Repair & service agent for NAC helicopter aerial fire fighting Bambi Buckets

Inflatable vehicle & cargo barges

1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - MARINE LIFT BAGS
Carel Scheepers  - Oryx_Bambi_bucket_400x300

2. Description

Authorised Bambi Bucket service agents for National Airways Corporation & Sapphire Blue

Extra heavy duty pontoons can be deflated &transported to remote & inaccessible river crossing sites in Africa. Barges are inflated & assembled on site


Advertising inflatable props

Water storage bladders

Inflatable air tent

Replacement water ballast bags for airplane gliders

Towing & recovery air lift bags

1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - IMG_20160322_082554
Carel Scheepers  - Bladder
Carel Scheepers  - Frame
Carel Scheepers  - Heavy duty lift bags


SUP repairs Stand up Paddle Board

Divers buoy

BLOB Human catapult

Rescue Float Tubes

Kick boats

Leisure pg.2

Paintball bunkers

Jacuzzi repairs

Wake snake & Banana boat

Camping water bladders

1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - 97 Paintball Bunkers
Carel Scheepers  - Jacuzzi repairs - portable
Carel Scheepers  - 20161220_104930
Carel Scheepers  - Custom Water Bladders

Leisure pg.3

Bike washing pool

Wipe out obstacle course repairs

1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - Bike washing pool




Water ballast weight bags for wake boarding


Spray painting of pontoons

1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - Dave Widdicombe
Carel Scheepers  - Pontoon moet oop gemaak word om geperforeerde materiaal van BINNE af te dubbel lamineer
Carel Scheepers  - Water balast bags to increase boat's wake for water sport - Copy


Buoyancy certificates


Carpet laying

Water sport towable repairs

1. Photos




Wheel bearings

Carel Scheepers  - PHOTO_20160630_162544
Carel Scheepers  - chariot


Beaching rollers

Jetty fenders

Flotation bags for yachts

Caravan pneumatic roof lifters

1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - Armoured 3m long rollers
Carel Scheepers  - 20170809_115732
Carel Scheepers  - Buoyancy 7
Carel Scheepers  - Roof air lifters

Jet ski fishing

Slide on & slide off

SAMSA regulations 


Colour schemes


1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - 20150306_074021

South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) 

Legal directives on the fitment of external pods or flotation devices

Carel Scheepers  - PHOTO_20160610_160549
Carel Scheepers  - PHOTO_20160521_092547

Species & Bass fishing

Bow transoms

Protective armour on bottom of pontoons

New floorboards

Bow storage bag

Capsize rope holders

1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - Under side strengthening
Carel Scheepers  - 20170817_124012

Protective armour on pontoons

Seats with storage bags – clasps onto velcro pontoon strip

Transom support turnbuckle brackets

Live well fishing bag

Row lock /oar fitment

1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - 19022010049 - Copy
Carel Scheepers  - 91 Fitment of oars & velcro fitted bench


Kick boats

Fuel tank securing

1. Photos

Tips to extend life of your inflatable boat

Carel Scheepers  - image
Carel Scheepers  - 20171108_090940


Replace rotten transoms

Cracked hulls

General repairs

1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - 20150311_115812
Carel Scheepers  - 20150410_143042
Carel Scheepers  - 20150417_110012

Custom made

Tow & recovery inflatable lift bags

Inflatable vehicle jack

Commercial air jacks

Marine salvage lift bags

Boat lifts

1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - 87 Air Jack repairs - torn & punctured cylinders
Carel Scheepers  - MARINE LIFT BAGS
Carel Scheepers  - Boat lift

Other services

Gymnastic back flip trainers

Mountain Bike Washing bay 

Canine / dog – fillable  ice cube cooler bladders /mattresses

Tents inflatable

Camping mattress repairs

1. Photos

Carel Scheepers  - Bike washing pool
Carel Scheepers  - Deployed
Carel Scheepers  - Inflatable Mattress Repairs

Other services

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Partners & Useful boating info

Outboard servicing & sales

Sunroofs / Canopy’s

Boat covers

SAMSA surveyors for COF certificates

João Pires

JP Marine

083 26 99 371

Bertie van Jaarsveld

082 414 6299

Bertie van Jaarsveld

082 414 6299

David Urtel

082 892 5064

Stainless steel

Boat registration numbers

Boat Cleaners and Consumables